Feeds has a few commands that are described on this page.

  • List all available spiders:

    $ feeds list
  • Feeds allows to crawl one or more spiders without a configuration file, e.g.:

    $ feeds crawl indiehackers.com
  • A configuration file is supported too. Simply copy the Example configuration and adjust it. Enable the spiders you are interested in and adjust the output_path where Feeds stores the scraped Atom feeds:

    $ cp feeds.cfg.dist feeds.cfg
    $ $EDITOR feeds.cfg
    $ feeds --config feeds.cfg crawl
  • Perform a cache cleanup:

    $ feeds --config feeds.cfg cleanup
  • Point your feed reader to the generated Atom feeds and start reading. Feeds works best when run periodically in a cron job or similar job scheduler.

  • Run feeds --help or feeds <subcommand> --help for help and usage details.